25 Jul 2011

Pet Safety: Please secure your dogs in your vehicles

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Can’t believe I had to witness it myself. I was walking my dogs in my neighborhood and a car was coming towards us with a Sheltie hanging out the back window of an SUV. It saw us.

12 Apr 2011

Are You and Your Pet Getting Enough Sleep?

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What You Can Do for a Restless Pet Sleeping with two dogs for several years, it seems sometimes we keep each other awake instead of the happy slumber we all dream of. Here are some remedies that can help that situation. This is a great article

16 Mar 2011

New York Times | Forget the Treadmill. Get a Dog.

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If you’re looking for the latest in home exercise equipment, you may want to consider something with four legs and a wagging tail. more>>

27 Apr 2010

Pet First Aid

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I found some new info, so I thought I’d update this post. This site had 5 tips to pet health. And some suggested items to include in your first aid kit from The American Red Cross: 2 Pair Medical Grade Vinyl Gloves Plastic Dropper 1ml Tweezers Pair Scissors Roller Gauze (2” x 4 yrds) Sterile […]

17 Mar 2010

Dog Dental Health

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So I went on a quest to find a better way to keep my two dogs teeth clean. I’ve been trying to brush them on a regular basis with baking soda and a toothbrush. It’s a struggle. They don’t like having it done and I’m not to fond of doing it. So I started to […]

1 Feb 2010

MSNBC: Salmonella warning issued for some dog treats

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7 Feb 2009

Wysong Under Attack – Big business vs Family Owned

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I received this email from Wysong Friday, February 2, 2009. Please take a look at it and come to your own conclusions. _________________________________________________ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wysong Corporation 989.631.0009 989.631.9280 Wysong@Wysong.net www.Wysong.net NESTLE/PURINA VS THE NATURAL PET FOOD INDUSTRY Midland, Michigan – Nestec S.A. (better known as Nestle), parent company of Purina, a pet food […]

23 Jun 2008

Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, for Cats and Dogs

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Well this is my 5th of 6 classes for my certificate in companion animal health. I’m almost there. TCM is based on the Five Element Theory or Five Phase Theory made up of earth, metal, water, wood and fire. The theories rely on the process of change in the elements, not the elements themselves.

20 Jan 2008

Holistic pest repellents

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I found this link while looking for alternate methods for pest control. So, I thought i would share. I haven’t tried any yet, thoguht we could try them together.

29 Nov 2007

Pet Care: Cold Weather Tips

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Brrrrr. That cold time of year is here again. I ran across these cold weather tips from the ASPCA and thought I’d share. Make sure you take care of you pets in the cold weather.. ASPCA Cold Weather Tips.