7 Aug 2012

Herbs that help indigestion

by Mary Broedell, Certified Health Coach The causes and contributing factors to an unhealthy digestive tract are eating unhealthy, highly processed, fatty foods, drinking too much pop and coffee, not getting enough quality rest, and an inactive lifestyle.

16 May 2009

Minerals – Toxic and Heavy

Aluminum – Al Least toxic mineral listed here. Sodium aluminum phosphate – emulsifier in processed cheese. Potassium alum – whitens flour

16 May 2009

Minerals – Possible Essental Trace

Boron – B Fluoride – F Germanium – Ge Lithium – Li Nickel – Ni Rubidium – Rb Strontium – Sr Tin – Sn Vanadium – V

16 May 2009

Minerals – Microminerals

Chrominum – Cr Cobalt – Co Copper – Cu Iodine – I Iron – Fe Manganese – Mn Molybdenum – Mo Selenium – Se Silicon – Si Zinc – Zn

16 May 2009

Minerals – Macrominerals

Bones, Teeth, Muscle Contractions Calcium – Ca Magnesium – Mg Phosphorus – P Regulate fluids of the Body Choloride – Cl Potassium – K Sodium – Na Sulfur – S

16 May 2009

Vitamins – Fat-Soluable

Vitamin A – A Vitamin D – D Vitamin E – E Vitamin F – Essential Fatty Acids Vitamin K – K

16 May 2009

Vitamins – Water-Soluable minus B Complex

Inosital – Ino PABA – Paba Orotic Acid – B13 Pangamic Acid – B15 Laetrile – B17 Ascorbic Acid – C Bioflavonoids – P

15 Mar 2009

Vitamins – B Complex

The B Complex Vitamins are water-Soluable Vitamins

15 Mar 2009

Vitamins – B12 the Energy Vitamin

Today I’m studying Vitamin B12. B12 is part of the B Complex Vitamins. It’s one of the water-soluable vitamins. Vitamin B12 is stored in the body. Refined/processed sugars and foods as well as alcohol create deficiencies of B12 in our bodies.

17 Sep 2007

Allergy Time of Year

Yes it’s that time of year again when allergies blossom and asthma kicks in. These essential oils have been know to help with allergies: Lavender, ledum, German chamomile, or Roman chamomile. Either Diffused or take directly. Also a natural antihistamine such as QUERCETIN may help as well. It’s a form of antioxidant found in onions […]