I had the great honor to work with the U.S. Navy client where I art directed a video/photo shoot aboard an aircraft carrier interviewing personnel from the Captain to the Cook for a happy holidays video to appear on the navy.com website. I’ve also produced/art directed 100+ interview style videos of Navy personnel, as well as being the lead creative in charge of the 400+ page, highly functioning website. In order to support recruiting efforts I’ve created many Flash applications that targeted particular communities within the Navy, such as the Nuclear, Healthcare, Special Ops, CTI, Navy Reserve communities and more. The entire navy.com site and all Flash assets created for the site had to adhere to accessibility guidelines, all content was able to be read by a screen reader and keyboard accessible. Metric tracking was included in all Flash apps, as well, so the success of the Flash application could be reported back to the client. All video assets on the site were closed captioned and optimized to run across all devices on this responsive site as well, over 100 videos! I worked very closely with the strategy, developers (front and back-end), and QA departments to create an optimized user experience.

U.S. Navy Recruiting Site
Senior Art Director responsible for all art work/content for the site, coordinating with the development team to solve problems and make deadlines, as well as present to account and client new ideas and designs for the site.


U.S. Navy Uniform 360 App
Art Director of external app development team and internal dev team to integrate into responsive site.