Optum Triple Aim Analytic Services (OTAAS) are designed specifically for HHS program operations. This “single source of truth” is the foundation for data enrichment and analytics services and drives a decision-making process geared toward better outcomes and sustainability.

Problem: A huge amount of data and analytics of providers, claims, diagnoses, procedures, etc., that needs to be organized into a comprehensive, useful form.

Solution: Design and develop a portal to organize a massive amount of data and display it as comprehensive visualizations to see the enterprise on a whole and to have the ability to dive deeper into the data. Each report has custom filters to assist with the deeper dive into the data.

As the UI visual designer, my responsibilities were:

  • design of the reports and visualizations
  • design and build of the style guide
  • design and build of the user guide
  • design and build of use cases
  • work with the usability team to design and conduct user testing

Report Visualizations


Style Guide

User Guide

Use Cases