11 Jun 2013

Women’s Hormonal Health: How to get back into balance – part1

written by Mary Broedell, June 2013 Hormonal unbalance can cause an array of problems. Not just the sex hormones, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, but thyroid hormone and insulin too! From acne, to ovarian cysts, to endometriosis, even insomnia!

1 Nov 2012

Alternative Healing Modalities

by Mary Broedell, Certified Health Coach Of all the alternative healing modalities, chiropractic and massage are the two that I use the most. They both help bring balance back to the body through manipulation of the spine and muscles. Both modalities are relatively painless and results are sometimes felt immediately with long term effects being […]

7 Aug 2012

Herbs that help indigestion

by Mary Broedell, Certified Health Coach The causes and contributing factors to an unhealthy digestive tract are eating unhealthy, highly processed, fatty foods, drinking too much pop and coffee, not getting enough quality rest, and an inactive lifestyle.

16 May 2009

Minerals – Toxic and Heavy

Aluminum – Al Least toxic mineral listed here. Sodium aluminum phosphate – emulsifier in processed cheese. Potassium alum – whitens flour

16 May 2009

Minerals – Possible Essental Trace

Boron – B Fluoride – F Germanium – Ge Lithium – Li Nickel – Ni Rubidium – Rb Strontium – Sr Tin – Sn Vanadium – V

16 May 2009

Minerals – Microminerals

Chrominum – Cr Cobalt – Co Copper – Cu Iodine – I Iron – Fe Manganese – Mn Molybdenum – Mo Selenium – Se Silicon – Si Zinc – Zn

16 May 2009

Minerals – Macrominerals

Bones, Teeth, Muscle Contractions Calcium – Ca Magnesium – Mg Phosphorus – P Regulate fluids of the Body Choloride – Cl Potassium – K Sodium – Na Sulfur – S

16 May 2009

Vitamins – Fat-Soluable

Vitamin A – A Vitamin D – D Vitamin E – E Vitamin F – Essential Fatty Acids Vitamin K – K

16 May 2009

Vitamins – Water-Soluable minus B Complex

Inosital – Ino PABA – Paba Orotic Acid – B13 Pangamic Acid – B15 Laetrile – B17 Ascorbic Acid – C Bioflavonoids – P

15 Mar 2009

Vitamins – B Complex

The B Complex Vitamins are water-Soluable Vitamins