Natural Weed Killer and more…

Posted by on Sep 12, 2008 in Natural, Pets | 2 Comments

I was searching for a natural weed killer, toxin free, pet friendly and environmentally friendly. After looking at many “recipes” and trying a few, I came up with this. I got a one gallon sprayer and poured a whole gallon of white vinegar in, then added a 1/4 cup of celtic salt, and two squirts of peppermint castile soap. Shake vigorously. My driveway was the biggest weed problem. So I weed whacked all the weeds down from the cracks of the driveway, then sprayed my concoction directly in the cracks where the remainder of the weeds were. And they haven’t come back since. And it’s been almost a month. Plus I sprayed around the perimeter of my house. It not only kills the weeds, but the ants hate the peppermint. So it has a dual purpose!


  1. Liska
    March 15, 2009

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    March 17, 2009

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